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Kendall in nature in prayer hands position

Kendall is just the right, warm person you need to go to when you are dealing with such delicate issues like infertility. She is kind, gentle, thoughtful and listens carefully to everything that you say, even if that means listening to you repeat the same stuff over and over again. She sets up this comfy space for treatment, the second you enter the room you feel relaxed….dark room, cozy pillows and soft sheets, soothing sounds and aromatherapy smells make a perfect combination to relax you during treatment….I would almost always fall asleep since I was so relaxed. When she wakes you up, she does it so gently, with this great foot massage, that is definitely a plus! I was with her before getting pregnant and throughout my pregnancy. Thank you so much for your care.

R. L.

Kendall is so incredibly knowledgeable,  supportive and nurturing.  I began seeing her at 10 weeks into my pregnancy and all the way up to labor.  I believe her service was one of the reasons my pregnancy was relatively smooth and comfortable.  She also provided a lot of resources for any imbalances I was having that couldn't be treated with herbs due to pregnancy.  I really cant recommend her enough.


There is no one else I'd rather work with than Kendall.  After struggling with infertility for years, I finally decided to find an acupuncturist. I tried at least 6 before finding Kendall. Kendall is gentle, kind and most of all empathetic and a rock during a very emotional time. Kendall totally 'gets it' and is an incredible person to have in your corner for any and all things fertility related. One of my favorite things about Kendall (aside from the above) is that she finishes every single appointment with a foot massage!!! There is nothing better than to be treated by Kendall.


Kendall has been a gift throughout my journey to conception and my current pregnancy. She is gentle, caring and intuitive and always gives a wonderfully relaxing treatment. She’s able to help with so many things above and beyond pregnancy as well. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a fantastic acupuncturist!


I am beyond grateful for Kendall. She helped me through my first pregnancy & now working on my second. Kendall has a natural healing gift paired with wisdom & professionalism that sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend Family Tree Acupuncture.


I first started going to Kendall almost five years ago to help support me through an IVF cycle and pregnancy. I attribute that easy and successful pregnancy to the care I received from her. After I had my son we moved away for two years and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we had two failed pregnancies while we weren’t getting the same level of care. I moved back to Austin over a year ago and went back to Kendall where she again assisted me through another IVF cycle and this time a surprise twin pregnancy. Being pregnant with twins was a miserable experience for me and my only relief from awful morning sickness was my treatments with Kendall. I think I tried every other morning sickness remedy available, but nothing worked as well as my sessions with Kendall. She helped me through my very long pregnancy where i went on to deliver two healthy full term and very large baby girls.

I honestly can not say enough kind things about Kendall. She is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most caring people I have ever met. She listens and is sympathetic to every issue and complaint, even when it’s the same thing week after week, as in my case. She’s great at what she does and has helped me in so many ways. I can attest that her treatments really do help with fertility and pregnancy issues. If you are having any issue outside of that, I am sure she would be nothing but helpful as well. My family and I plan to continue to go to her for every and any issues that comes up that acupuncture can even possibly help with. If you want acupuncture treatments please see Kendall. She will do everything she can to help you and you’ll be happier to have met her and gotten her help and care.


I've been seeing Kendall for 4 years and can't recommend her highly enough. in addition to being a highly skilled acupuncturist, she's very warm, open, genuine, compassionate, patient, curious, detailed, mindful - and (so essential) it's clear she takes excellent care of 'herself' mind/body/soul. she's become my first responder for all ailments/imbalances: allergies, cold/flu, stress, injury, pain. often, i'm either much improved or completely over something 1-2 days after treatment. she is fully present, aware and thinking holistically from the moment you step into her space. she keeps her treatment room simple, calm, clean, uncluttered, warm, inviting - and completely free of unresolved, messy, chaotic energy. unlike most acupuncturists, she spends as much time as needed to sit down with you face-to-face (before you're even on the table) to discuss what's happening for you: mind, body, spirit. she always listens carefully and skillfully adapts her treatment plan to what you're experiencing. I've never, ever felt rushed into/out of an appt. if desired, she will use aromatherapy, adjust to your music preferences and will even do a short soft-spoken gentle guided meditation after placing the needles as you're drifting sweetly into relaxation. she's also open to sharing her complimentary knowledge/skills: Ayurvedic medicine, EFT, meditation, stress management, diet/nutrition recommendations and more. she's naturally open + curious, constantly learning + acquiring knowledge in/related to her field. last but not least, she does wonderful foot reflexology at the very end, which makes me just melt onto the table. here's what you WON'T find Kendall doing: working in a cluttered chaotic space, being distracted by other patients or commitments, rushing through the appointment, juggling several clients at once, placing pins in quickly and distractedly, asking you what's going on for the first time 'while' placing needles nor rushing you out at the end to attend to others.  Kendall is truly the gold standard of acupuncture!


Kendall was my personal angel after being in a car accident and having whiplash, and after a painful knee injury. An experience with her is more than just acupuncture, it is deep nurturing and loving healing, in such a soothing environment that it also feels like an hour at a spa. A total reset for the body and soul; I definitely recommend!


Testimonials: Testimonials

I truly can't recommend Kendall and Family Tree Acupuncture enough! I am now in the third trimester of my first pregnancy and started seeing Kendall in my first trimester for high blood pressure. Not only has by BP gone back to normal after just 1 session with her, but Kendall has helped me with headaches, back pain and other aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I attribute having a healthy, positive pregnancy to acupuncture and to her skill set. Going to see her feels like going to therapy since she takes care of our whole selves, and she is truly so talented. I will, without a doubt, be seeing Kendall all the way up to labor and postpartum as well.



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