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We are dedicated to supporting patients in find greater quality of life through integrative medicine. We focus on holistic care by approaching treatment of the whole individual as opposed to just treating symptoms. We treat the root of the issue to nourish the body.

Our clinic specializes in treatment of the following reproductive conditions:




Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

Diminished ovarian reserve

Irregular menstrual cycles

Repeated pregnancy loss

Labor preparation



Our clinic treats the following general health conditions: 




Long Covid

Chronic Pain

Auto immune conditions

Thyroid conditions

Sciatica pain



About: Mission
Kendall provides acupuncture at a community healing event


With extensive training in Eastern medicine and 10 years of experience working in tandem with Western doctors, we have combined both Eastern and Western medicine knowledge to support patients with integrative care.

What is the difference between Western and Eastern medicine?

Western medicine provides us with the technology of emergency care and surgery, which can be life saving.  Eastern medicine provides us with an alternative system of treating disease that can treat the root of the problem rather than just alleviating symptoms.  Eastern medicine is based on patterns of diagnosis that provides alternative options for treating symptoms.  It is the combination of both Eastern and Western medicine that integrates treatment in order to utilize the strengths of each to provide higher quality healthcare. 


What are the benefits of Eastern medicine?


The benefits of acupuncture are increasing circulation, calming the nervous system, and decreasing pain in the muscular and nervous systems.  It’s gentle enough for pregnant women and elderly, and effective in treating stubborn cases that might be seen as “untreatable” in Western medicine.  Eastern medicine provides preventative care options to treat the root of the problem, not just the symptom.  For example, working with patients with nutrition therapy, herbal medicine or nutraceuticals can treat the symptom but also addresses the reason why the symptom continues to persist.  Other benefits of Eastern medicine include increased amount of time with your practitioner, a wider approach to healing, and multiple options to treatment.  Integrative medicine is a fresh perspective on healing that can provide balanced and effective healthcare.

About: Mission
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