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What to Expect at a Family Tree Acupuncture Appointment

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Not sure what to expect when you schedule an appointment with Family Tree Acupuncture?

Here is what a typical consultation appointment looks like:

  • Detailed health history intake (45 mins to one hour)

  • Acupuncture session with test point inserted so the client can see what it feels like

  • Once the needles are in, we apply acupressure and a heat lamp on the feet, and short guided meditation to help clients relax.

  • Needles are retained for 20-25 minutes in which the client usually naps during this time.

  • The session ends with acupressure on the feet, removing the needles, and needle "sweep."

  • Short chat at the end of the session to answer questions and discuss all recommendations.

  • Kendall sends a follow-up email with all the information covered during the initial session.

To learn more about services or to schedule your consultation, please reach out to


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