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What is Your Fertility Type?

Updated: Jan 8

Determining fertility types help us understand your body constitution and what treatments would benefit your fertility process. This is an example of a kind of diagnostic pattern that our reproductive acupuncturist uses in order to diagnose and treat from an individualistic approach to treatment.

Fertility Types

Dry Type:

  • Thirsty, dry skin, dandruff, anxiety, overthinking, sleep difficulties, hot at night

  • Reproductive signs: anovulation, irregular ovulation, hot flashes, hormone imbalance, scanty menstruation, thin uterine lining, short and light periods

Humid Type

  • Swelling, fluid retention, water weight, slow-moving, tired, a tendency towards phlegm, thyroid conditions, tendency to run cold

  • Reproductive signs: May have PCOS, cysts, fibroids, polyps, lymphatic congestion, bladder infections, irregular menstruation

Stagnant Type

  • High stress, irritability, recurring pain, frustration, tendency to run hot, migraines, nausea

  • Reproductive signs: HPV infections, frequent vaginal infections, painful periods, mood swings

Pale Type

  • Deficient, low energy, low motivation, B12 deficient, adrenal fatigue, excess cortisol

  • Reproductive signs: uterine fatigue, lack of menstruation, irregular ovulation

Restless Type

  • Competitive, work-focused, anxious, overactive, lean bodied, under-nourished, similar to the Stagnant type

  • Reproductive signs: amenorrhea, irregular periods, mood swings

You could have one of these or a combination of two or three. Understanding your fertility type helps us to diagnose and treat you. Fertility types influence the acupuncture points, prescribed herbs, and nutritional recommendations that make up your treatment plan. This process is holistic and alternative medicine: we see the body as a whole rather than just one symptom.

How does reproductive acupuncture help your fertility type?

Knowing your fertility type (or types) helps us make recommendations to support your fertility. For example, for Dry types, we may suggest increasing your water and electrolyte intake. For Humid types, we may suggest exercise and dietary recommendations to help drain water retention.

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