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What is Cupping Therapy?

Updated: Jan 8

What is Cupping? Perhaps you have seen those weird circular bruises on athletes like Michael Phelps, for example. However, cupping isn’t just for athletes. Cupping Therapy is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique for relieving chronic pain.

How does it work?

🌱 Cupping involves placing silicone or glass cups on the afflicted area to create suction.

🌱 Before using glass cups, we heat the inside with a flame to create a vacuum.

🌱 Suction encourages Qi and blood flow and promotes deep relaxation.

🌱Bruises are common after cupping. The bruising resolves in seven to ten days, depending on the stagnation in the muscle.

Why should I try it?

🌱 Relieves pain and tension by increasing blood circulation.

🌱 Removes unwanted by-products in the muscles, such as lactic acid.

🌱 Draws out built-up fluids and reduces lymphatic congestion.

🌱 Increases muscle recovery and provides relaxation.

🌱 Promotes cellular repair.

🌱 Releases toxins and improves the immune system.

Have you tried cupping yet?

Glass cups arranged on a tray with a tea light

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