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The 5 Elements: Archetypes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Updated: Jan 8

Graphic of a star with each point labeled as one of the 5 Element Types: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

Refer to our previous blog to find out your type


Fire: The Magician

Common Fire Type careers include salespersons, entertainers, wizards, and shamans. They are enthusiastic and charismatic leaders.

Earth: The Savior

Earth Types are often in caring professions such as negotiators, mediators, peacemakers, and diplomats. They are grounded and practical.

Metal: The Alchemist

Metal Types do well as teachers, counselors and lawyers. They are brave and self-disciplined, but also creative and experimentative.

Water: The Philosopher

Water Types are intellectuals and academics and do well in truth-seeking careers such as teaching, researching, writing.

Wood: The Adventurer

Wood Types are competitive, driven, ”Type A” people. They exceed in leadership roles such as entrepreneurs, founders, and innovative positions.


Fire - anxiety, overthinking, overheating, acne, circulatory problems

Earth - digestive issues, fatigue, food allergies, obsessive and intrusive thoughts, codependency

Metal - allergies, cough, asthma, exczema, dry skin

Water - kidney or bladder concerns, water retention, urinary infections, exhaustion

Wood - liver or gall bladder concerns, high blood pressure, tight muscles, neck and shoulder tension, migraines, irritability


Fire - prioritize alone time, journaling, meditation, avoid spicy foods, incorporate cooling foods such as cucumbers, and bitter foods such as dark leafy greens.

Earth - develop clear boundaries, spend time in nature, practice staying in the present, meditation, eat sweet vegetables such as yams and carrots, incorporate ginger and cinnamon into your diet, move your body regularly.

Metal - regular aerobic exercise, learn to get in touch with your emotions and grief, eat leafy greens and mushrooms, try baked pears with honey and cinnamon, drink more water and more electrolytes, apply moisturizer regularly, incorporate oils such as avocado oil and olive oil Water - move your body regularly, increase water intake, eat soups and stews, take regular short breaks throughout the day, practice stillness and being present, drink green tea, eat seaweed

Wood - practice emotional flexibility, focus on stress relief, avoid alcohol, meditate, hydrate with electrolytes, take citrus medicinally, get in touch with your emotions, stretch and practice yoga


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