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Spring is here! And so are allergies...

Updated: Jan 8

Hello all,

Spring is here, and with it brings great weather and allergy flare-ups. Are you having a runny nose, congestion, itchy eyes, or sinus infections? You’re not the only one! Family Tree Acupuncture and Wellness helps address allergy symptoms with herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Springtime is the season of growth, the wood element, and the liver organ. Wood grows upward, so the energy in our body is moving upward from deep inside the body to the surface. The energy on the body's surface is called the “Wei qi” and is essentially our immune system. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this is why we start feeling allergies during this time of year. Therefore, springtime is an excellent time for liver cleanses, which helps alleviate allergy symptoms.

What can we do to improve our allergies at home? One of the main ways to help allergies is to have good “allergy hygiene.” “Allergy hygiene” is my term for a set of behaviors that one can do to help their environmental allergies during peak allergy season. Allergy hygiene may include:

  • Washing your face after being outside.

  • Rinsing the eyes.

  • Wearing hair tied up or a hat while outdoors.

  • Showering after outdoor workouts.

So, enjoy a hike outside in nature or run errands during peak allergy season. Later, you can reduce your allergy symptoms by changing your clothes, washing your face, and rinsing your eyes and nose when you get home.

More allergy tips:

  • Drinking nettle leaf tea, chrysanthemum tea, or peppermint tea can be helpful for allergies. I recommend drinking nettle leaf tea every day during allergy season to help boost the immune system and support the lung system.

  • Neti pots are a great way to cleanse the nasal system to prevent nasal infections. Use clean, sterile water.

  • If you are not a fan of the neti pot, a nasal spray called “X Clear” is excellent for clearing the nasal passages when you have allergy symptoms. X Clear can also help prevent infections and is available locally at People’s Pharmacy.

Don’t have time to come into the office for an appointment?

You can book an online telehealth session for allergies here:

You can order supplements to boost your immunity on FullScript here:

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