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Nurturing Your Dream of Motherhood at Family Tree Acupuncture Austin

Updated: Jan 8

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Welcome to Family Tree Acupuncture, your trusted source for fertility acupuncture in Austin. Our board-certified practitioners are dedicated to helping you on your journey to parenthood. We understand the anxiety and worry that can come with fertility issues, and we're here to provide effective, natural solutions.

Our specialized fertility acupuncture treatments are designed to promote better reproductive health and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy. We offer a holistic approach to fertility care, incorporating traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to help you achieve your dream of starting a family.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health issues, including infertility. Research has shown that it can help improve the success rates of IVF and IUI treatments, reduce the risk of miscarriage, and manage stress levels during the pregnancy journey. Our treatments are tailored to your body's needs, helping to balance your cycle and prepare your body for pregnancy.

At Family Tree Acupuncture, we're not just your acupuncturists - we're your partners in this journey. We're here to provide support and care every step of the way, from your first appointment to the moment you hold your baby in your arms.


Does acupuncture actually work for fertility?

Yes, acupuncture has been shown to be effective in improving fertility. It can help balance hormones, improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, and reduce stress, all of which can enhance fertility.

What time of the month is best to do acupuncture for fertility?

The best time to do acupuncture for fertility varies depending on your menstrual cycle and specific fertility issues. We recommend scheduling a consultation so we can create a personalized treatment plan for you.

How long should you do acupuncture for fertility?

The length of treatment can vary depending on individual circumstances. Some people may see improvements after a few sessions, while others may need ongoing treatment for several months.

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