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An Inexpensive Way to Experience Herbal Medicine

Updated: Jan 8

Are you worried about the cost of herbal medicine? Well, for only $2 at your local grocery store, you can get a taste of herbal medicine. How? With tea bags! Listed below are common types of teas and their benefits:

Studies show that Green Tea may prevent the growth of multiple types of cancers, prevent artery clogs, reduce the risk of stroke, and improve cholesterol. In addition, green tea is anti-inflammatory, which leaves your skin glowing.

There is evidence that Black Tea may protect the lungs from cigarette smoke damage and improve cholesterol.

Chamomile Tea may ease menstrual pain, improve sleep and relaxation, prevent adverse symptoms of diabetes such as vision loss, and slow the growth of cancer cells.

White Tea is the most effective tea in cancer prevention and is good for the teeth.

Studies show that people who drink Hibiscus Tea regularly experience lower blood pressure and fewer cravings for sweets.

Peppermint tea will help relieve an upset stomach, constipation, and irritable bowels. Peppermint tea can also be used for motion sickness and migraine relief.

Ginger Tea is excellent for morning sickness, upset stomach, and joint pain.

It doesn’t cost much to make tea a part of your daily routine. It could change your life!

Glass tea kettle and tea cups filled with tea


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