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A Note on the Donation Button and Accessibility

You may have noticed that recently we added a new donation feature to the website. This button is for people who wish to tip our practitioner or extend some support to Family Tree Acupuncture Austin. Your donations help us expand our business and offer women’s healthcare services at a more accessible rate to those who need them.

What does that mean?

For example, we may open a community acupuncture space! Community acupuncture is a room where multiple patients simultaneously receive treatments at a lower rate. Until we can afford to make changes like these, we are offering sliding scale rates. Please note that these spots are limited and reserved for special cases.

As healthcare providers, we value the health of our community and want to offer quality care at an accessible rate. However, we understand that acupuncture can be expensive, especially with today's inflation. Therefore, we want to encourage anyone who could benefit from acupuncture for fertility or pain, for example, to reach out and ask about our sliding scale rates. Please tell us your story and what it would mean to you to access quality, holistic healthcare.

To fill out a sliding scale form, please visit:

or email us at

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